Photos of bands, taken by me.


Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Spent a weekend in Leeds and saw some bands.

Perspex Flesh

Smart Cops


Tuesday, 10 January 2012


First attempts at videos with my new camera...




Friday, 6 January 2012

FAVOURITE LP's of 2011

Finally got the last couple of records I thought might be contenders for this list, so I've managed to get my ten favourites sorted. Again I've not bothered with 'honourable mentions' or anything like that.

1) Omegas- Blasts of Lunacy

I like this record more every time I listen to it. This pretty much covers all the bases for stuff I like and the vocals are just the best.

2) Nasa Space Universe- Across the Wounded Galaxies

'Weirdo' punk that sounds like it came out of the Midwest of America in the 1980’s. Somewhat inevitably most descriptions of the band compare them to DIE KREUZEN which is both fair and all the encouragement to listen to them you should need. 

3) Brown Sugar- ...Sings of Birds and Racism

I ended up hearing this pretty late, but it’s so good. They even add in a saxophone and it’s not horrible, something only the best bands manage.

4) Dead Language- S/T

Best powerviolence LP this year... although that's not really the highest praise ever as there wasn't a huge amount to choose from. Either way it makes up for the slight disappointment that was the LOW THREAT PROFILE full length by actually living up to the expectations.

5) Parasite- Metal Punk Massacre

Glammy G.I.S.M. style metal punk from Japan. Does exactly as the title suggests.

6) Scapegoat- S/T

One of the other good powerviolence records this year, and it’s not just ripping off CROSSED OUT as some people seem to be fond of saying.

7) Endless Grinning Skulls- S/T

Hardcore punk played exactly how it should be, by people who know a thing or two about it. I don’t think I could ever be bored by that.

8) Brain F≠- Sleep Rough

Garagey punk that doesn’t really sound like anything else I’ve heard this year. Strikes that balance between being catchy and a bit unusual whilst still having straightforward riffs.

9) Pulling Teeth- Funerary

One of the few records that made it onto a lot of end of year lists that I've actually listened to, and one of even fewer that I've actually liked. Their last and also their most ridiculous record.

10) Inservibles- S/T

I saw these up in Leeds towards the end of the year, they were great and their LP is of similar quality. Ripping lo-fi punk in the vein of VOID or RAW POWER hidden beneath layers of feedback and utter filth. Artwork is spectacular as well.