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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I initially thought I shouldn't bother with one of these this year, but it's a suitable way to distract myself from doing anything worthwhile. I've limited myself to ten LPs and ten 7"s and I've not bothered with split releases because I can't be arsed. No 'honourable mentions' or any of that crap because I'd just end up typing them out all day and inevitably forget some good records anyway. Everyone knows that more than 10 good records were released this years, these are just the ones I liked most. I picked these records on my initial response- which rules out records that were perhaps pretty good but slightly underwhelming, as well as longevity- as in how I feel about them right now and whether they've remained on rotation. Also if they are from the UK or I haven't seen them hyped everywhere I probably scored them higher, just because I can.

1) The Lowest Form- S/T

I've played this record more than anything else this year and it's the one record I've been consistently motivated to listen to between the time I purchased it and now. Side B of the record is more or less perfection in musical form. This band are the best band from the UK for a while and this is the best 7" of the year.

2) Gas Chamber- Corpse With Levity

Maybe my favourite band currently, just because they seem much more interesting that an lot of other bands. It's not surprising as this band basically followed on where Running For Cover left off.

3) The Love Triangle- Splendid Living

The title track to this burrows its way into your brain like only the best songs can and the other songs aren't bad either. The Love Triangle is made up of 1/2 of The Shitty Limits (who stopped being a band late this year) and whilst this has more of a poppy feel it's up there with the best that band produced.

4) Culo- Toxic Vision

Pretty much everything I like about punk rolled into the one band. Everything they've done so far has been  killer.

5) Hoax- S/T

A definite step up from the demo which was pretty decent in its own right. This is one record that actually lives up to a lot of the 'hype' surrounding it.

6) Warhead- This World of Confusion/ Acceleration

The first new Warhead songs in about 7 years- not that I'm pretending I remember that far back. They've still got it though, the two songs here just make me want to hear more.

7) No Tolerance- No Remorse, No Tolerance

This only came out the other week but my early impression is that it's really good. Boston straight edge hardcore played by the usual suspects.

8) Nuclear Cult- Better Nightmares

Maybe the one record I've really enjoyed this year that I've not heard anyone else talk about. Fast hardcore from Germany that would probably reignite the interests of those claiming to be 'burnt out' on this style.

9) Big Crux- Big Crux Is A Big Funk

Felix from Life's Halt doing a band that sounds nothing like Life's Halt. They've also released an LP which I haven't got round to purchasing yet but it's supposed to be equally good. Hard to put a finger on in terms of what it actually sounds like- which is a good sign, but it's catchy, and sometimes that is all that matters.

10) Closure- S/T 7"

I initially had Waste Management- 'Power Trip' at number 10, but as it was originally released in 2010 I've decided it doesn't count. Anyway, this is Closure's second 7" and definitely their best stuff so far.

I've waited until the end of the year proper to sort the LPs out as a few records that I knew were going to be great hadn't reached me in the post when I started writing. As my list is obviously so important I want to make sure it's accurate, so it'll be up in a week or something.